Three year plan for New York Jets (as of Week 9 2019)

Guys, I have made a plan for the New York Jets.

Right now (in Week 9 of ’19-20 season), the Jets should:

Sign T/G Garret Brumfield for 3 years ($750k per year) and start him at RT.
Sign C Justin Falcinelli for 2 years ($750k) and start him at C.
Sign G Terrone Prescod for 3 years ($750k) and start him at LG.
Start Chuma Edoga at LT.
Sign QB Taylor Cornelius for 5 years ($750k) and start him at QB.
Sign RB LJ Scott for 4 years ($750k) and have him be RB2.
Sign TE Donald Parham for 3 years ($750k) and make him TE1.
Sign FB Winston Dimel for 2 years ($750k) and have him be starting FB.
Sign CB Tarvarus McFadden to 4 years ($750k) and start him as CB1.

Sign ILB Khalil Hodge to 3 years ($750k) and make him ILB3.

Sign DT Trenton Thompson (3 years, $750k) with view of him replacing Quinnen Williams in 2020.
Sign QB Luke Falk for 2 years ($750k) as QB2.
Sign SS Kamari Cotton-Moya for 2 years ($750k)
Sign ILB Jeff Allison for 2 years ($750k)
Sign RB Alex Collins for 2 years ($1mil per year)
Sign a second long snapper.
Sign a substitute kicker that can also punt in case one of the first stringers gets injured.

Change to 4-3 front for the time being with Q-Will and Jordan Willis as DE.

Cut necessary amount of players (see below for list of guys I’d cut).

Trade Sam Darnold and Trumaine Johnson to Cowboys for Travis Frederick. This gives away $22mil in salaries and brings back $10m, so this will save $12 mil in cap space.

Trade Quinnen Williams and a 2020 2nd rounder for Aaron Donald. Lose $18 mil in cap space.

Trade Foley Fatukasi (after his breakout year, we have too many DTs!) and OLB Tarrell Basham for Washington T Trent Williams and a 5th round pick. Lose $12 mil in cap space.

Trade: Jonathon Harrison C (in return for 5th rder), Trevon Wesco TE (4th rder) and Kyle Phillips (5th rounder). Gain $4 mil in cap space.

Cut: RB Moore, WR Bellamy, WR Smith, T McDermott, CB Austin, ILB Langi, ILB Burgess, DE Tapper, RB Cannon. Gains $6.5 mil in cap space.

Cap space before offseason moves is $55 mil (due to signing of players mid-’19-20 season), is now $44 mil after those moves.


Sign Von Miller to 3 years, $14 mil per year.
Sign Byron Jones to 4 years, $16 mil per year.
Sign Greg Zuerlien to 3 years, $5 mil per year.
Sign Lac Edwards for 2 years, $1 mil per.
Sign Brian Poole to 1 year, $3 mil per.
= $39 mil spent.

2020 DRAFT

Picks: 1st rounder, 4th rounder, 4th rounder (from Wesco trade), 5th rounder, 5th rounder (from Harrison trade), 5th rounder (from Trent Williams trade), 6th rounder (from Phillips trade), 6th rounder.

Needs: Starting WR, backup FS, TE3, backup T, backup G, backup WR, RB3, QB3, TE/FB4, backup DB

With 1st rounder, take Tee Higgins
With 4th rounder, take David Dowell.
With 4th rounder, take Jalen Hurts
With 5th rounder, take Saadiq Charles
With 5th rounder, take Kindle Vildor
With 5th rounder, take Anthony McFarland
With 6th rounder, take Prince Tega Wanogho
With 6th rounder take Domonick Wood-Anderson

Sign DE Jaquan Bailey as UDFA (2 years, $750k per year).

QB: Corn, Hurts, Falk
RB: Bell, Scott, McFarland, Alex Collins
TE: Parham, Wood-Anderson, Herndon, Dimel
WR: Higgins, Crowder, Enunwa, Wallace, Berrios
T: Williams, Edoga
G: Prescod, Wanogho
C: Frederick, Falcinelli
G: Winters, Brumfield
T: Charles.
FS: Maye, Dowell, Poole
SS: Adams, Cotton-Moya
CB: Jones, McFadden, Vildor, Roberts, Hairston
ILB: Mosley, Hodge, Williamson, Allison
OLB: Miller, Cashman, Willis, Bailey
DT: Donald, Shepherd, TT, Henry A, McClendon.
K: Zuerlein, K/P2
P: Edwards
LS: Hennessy, LS2

– KR/PR depth chart: Collins, McFarland, Wallace, Berrios, Crowder.

– Kickoff team: K2, Adams, Cotton-Moya, Dowell, Vildor, Hodge, Allison, Bailey, Hairston, Williamson, Cashman.

– – Kickoff receive team: Collins (KR), Dimel, Herndon, Enunwa, Wallace, Scott, McFarland, McFadden, Williamson, Bailey, Wood-Anderson.

– – Punt team: LS, Edwards, Collins, Dimel, Herndon, Enunwa, Wallace, Scott, Hairston, Crowder, Williamson.

– – Punt return team: Collins (PR), Dowell, Bailey, Williamson, Dimel, Herndon, McFarland, Hairston, Poole, Allison, Berrios

– – FG team: K, LS, LS2 (placeholder), Edoga, Falcinelli, Wanogho, Brumfield, Dimel, Herndon, Enunwa, Berrios

– – FG defend team: Dowell, Bailey, Williamson, Hairston, Shepherd, TT, Willis, McFadden, Vildor, Cotton-Moya, Henry A.

– Goal line: Shepherd, TT, Donald, Von, Adams, Mosley, Hodge, Jones, Murphy, Maye, Henry A.

Base defence is 3-4 with Cashman on outside, but when we go 4-2 or 5-1 (nickel) Hodge comes off and Cashman goes back to ILB, with Donald on the edge.
Sub Derrick Willis or Jaquan Bailey in as a sub pass rusher on occasion.
Use offensive flex players (eg Dimel, Wood-Anderson, Enunwa, Scott) depending on situation.
Dowell is dime DB, with Vildor as CB3.

Run primarily between the tackles, unless with Collins and McFarland who are predominantly outside zone guys.
Corn can throw anywhere on field so throwing deep passes to Higgins, and to Crowder from the slot, will work. Not sure if Enunwa has speed to take top off D though.
Flex Bell and Scott out wide a fair bit.
Use Dimel around 10% of time primarily as a short yardage runner and blocker.
Easy screen passes to receivers and running backs keeps defense honest out wide.
Can flex Parham out wide for mismatches against both LBs (with speed) and corners (with size).
Enunwa and Higgins can take hits from slant routes.
Corn is good enough with his legs to run around 3 read option plays per game, and can be great at QB sneaks (depth at QB is good so don’t need to worry too much about injury).
Run play action often, keep Corn in the pocket mostly though.


ramsay jets
Could Jalen Ramsay be obtained to combine with Jamal Adams? Photo courtesy of Elite Sports NY.

Trade Enunwa, Herndon, Berrios, Roberts, Henry A, as they’re either not good enough or are being paid too much to be backups. besides, we need to use our draft picks on some players!

Assume we get back top players at TE (eg Herndon, Roberts and 4th round pick for OJ Howard) and OLB (eg Enunwa, Henry A and Berrios for Uchenna Nwosu). These deals would trade away $26 mil in cap, and bring in $5 mil in cap, so that’s $21 million in savings!

– Marcus Maye (3 years, $6 mil per year)
– Pick up 5th year option on Jamal Adams ($13 mil for a year?)

Top free agents:
Sammy Watkins, Allen Robinson, David Bakhtiari, Corey Davis, Jalen Ramsay, Kyle Justczyck, Devante Parker, DeForest Buckner, Kenny Golloday, Eddie Jackson, George Kittle, Joe Ostman, Mike Zimmer.
– Jackson – 5 years, $13 mil per year.
– Bakhtiari – 4 years, $15 mil per year.
– Ramsay – 4 years, $13 mil per year.
– Corey Davis – 5 years, $9 mil per year.
– Juscyck – 2 years, $7 mil per year.
– Ostman – 3 years, $5 mil per year.
– DeForest Buckner – 5 years, $17 mil per year.
– DeVante Parker – 4 years, $7 mil per year.
= $87 million.

Had $161 mil in cap space in 2021 offseason at time of writing, but 2020 moves make it $150 mil in space.
Trades before free agency in 2021 make it $171 mil in space.
$36 mil in expenditure in 2020 free agency makes that $135 mil in space.
2021 expenditure including extension of Maye and Adams makes $30 mil in space.

Needs: backup CB, backup DT. Can fit 4 players on roster, unless I want to also trade Allison or Cotton-Moya. Looking forward, I’ll let Falk, Collins, and Allison walk and trade away Crowder and Mosley, so I can also draft a 3rd QB, a backup RB, a backup WR or a couple of ILBs. Trade rest of picks for future picks.

QB: Corn, Hurts, Falk
RB: Bell, Scott, McFarland, Alex Collins.
TE: Howard, Juscyck, Parham, Wood-Anderson
WR: Davis, Parker, Higgins, Crowder, Wallace, draftee
T: Bakhtiari, Edoga
G: Prescod, Wanogho
C: Frederick, Falcinelli
G: Brumfield
T: Charles.
FS: Jackson, Maye,
SS: Adams, Dowell, Cotton-Moya
CB: Ramsay, Jones, McFadden, Vildor, draftee
ILB: Mosley, Cashman, Hodge, Allison
OLB: Miller, Nwosu, Ostman, draftee
DT: Donald, Buckner, Shepherd, TT, draftee
K: Zuerlein, K/P2
P: Edwards
LS: Hennessy, LS2


NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
Signing Tredavious White in free agency would give the Jets a freakish secondary. Photo courtesy of BillsWire.

Trade Crowder, Mosley. Get elite guard back. Save around $13 mil.

Extend Von (2 years, $8 mil per year) Howard (5 years, $13 mil per year), Nwosu (4 years, $9 mil per year), Nate Shepherd (3 years, $5 mil per year) and Jamal Adams (5 years, $17 mil per year).

Sign guys like Stephon Gilmore, Kuechly, Lane Johnson, David DeCastro, Tredavious White, Ryan Ramczyck, Will Hernandez, James Daniels, Orlando Brown Jr and a punter.
– Sign White (5 years, $14 mil per year), DeCastro (2 years, $15 mil per year), Lane Johnson (2 years, $9 mil per year), punter (3 years, $2 mil per year).

There is now approximately $270 mil in salaries committed to the roster, but there’s a projected $380 million salary cap in 2022, so we’re well under the cap.


Needs: QB3, backup RB. Can fit in 2 more players beyond that also. Trade rest of picks for future picks, or look ahead to see who we’ll let go in free agency and fill those spots.

QB: Corn, Hurts, 2022 draftee
RB: Bell, Scott, McFarland, 2022 draftee
TE: Howard, Juscyck, Parham, Wood-Anderson
WR: Davis, Parker, Higgins, Wallace, 2021 draftee
T: Bakhtiari, Edoga
G: elite guard, Wanogho
C: Frederick, Brumfield
G: DeCastro,
T: Johnson, Charles.
FS: Jackson, Maye, Vildor
SS: Adams, Dowell.
CB: Ramsay, White, Jones, McFadden, 2021 draftee
ILB: Cashman, Hodge, 2021 draftee
OLB: Miller, Nwosu, Ostman
DT: Donald, Buckner, Shepherd, TT, 2021 draftee
K: Zuerlein, K/P2
P: Edwards
LS: Hennessy, LS2


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Mid-college season 2020 NFL draft big board

There’s been a bunch of games in the ’19-’20 college football season, and I’ve scouted a bunch of guys using YouTube cutups and watching the games fully. Players in brackets are not draft eligible as they’re freshmen or sophomores. After a while of writing this article I stopped bothering to write down players who I thought had a value of less than $5 million. I come to these value evaluations based on players skillsets – eg physical straits, play smarts, skills etc. Some player evals here are based on tape from the ’18-’19 season, so I’ll watch more updated tape on those guys as the season goes on and keep updating this board.

$12 mil

  • Tee Higgins WR – like Julio Jones as a big body with amazing speed, body control, change of direction and hands.

$11 mil

  • David Dowell SS – is a bit like Malcolm Jenkins as a guy who is outstanding in coverage but can also lay the boom and lurk close to the LOS like a linebacker.

$10 mil

  • Jalen Hurts QB – a QB in a running back’s body. He can pass on all levels of the field but is also reliable making yards with his feet, to the point you could call half a dozen run plays per game with him, as he’s built like a RB. He’s more likely to lay the boom than take hits too, unlike an RG3 or Lamar Jackson. Compares to Steve Young?
  • Ian Book QB – has some Deshaun Watson to him as a playmaker in and outside of the pocket.
  • Jonathon Taylor RB – a quicker Jordan Howard.
  • TJ Vasher WR – kind of like Mike Williams of the Chargers as a tall downfield threat with great hands and body control.
  • (Isaiah Wilson T – in the mold of Orlando Brown junior as a massive human with great feet, active hands and good awareness in pass protection. Plays with solid balance and understanding of blocking schemes in the run game but needs to finish blocks off a bit better.)
  • (Azeez Olujari DE Georgia – long efficient strides and great hand usage allows him to go outside or inside and is not afraid to bull rush or stand a blocker up in run defence to allow teammates to clean up. Kind of like Joey Bosa in this regard. Only a sophomore. Had 10(!) QB hurries against Tennessee in 2019.)

$9 mil

  • Chase Young DE – like Adrian Clayborn with his active hands and great power.
  • Kindle Vildor CB – small school stud.
  • Najee Harris RB – like a slightly smaller Derrick Henry – if he sees a hole, he’s bursting through.
  • Anthony McFarland RB – like Philip Lindsay as a smaller back who can out-run a secondary but take hits between the tackles also.
  • Albert Okwuegbunam TE – built like Gronk minus the blocking prowess.
  • Prince Tega Wanogho T
  • Saahdiq Charles T
  • Henry Ruggs WR – like Stefon Diggs with insane change of direction and downfield speed
  • Collin Johnson WR – has some Randy Moss to him as he can pluck balls out of the air from defenders’s grasps but can still run like the wind.

$8 mil

  • Tyler Biadasz C – like Travis Frederick as he’s strong as an ox and intelligent in pass pro.
  • AJ Epenesa OLB/DE
  • Darrell Taylor DE – like Danielle Hunter who is a tad undersized as a 4 tech but makes up for it with technique and speed to power.
  • Shaq Quarterman ILB – in 2018 vs LSU he hit NFL draftee Foster Moreau his mouthguard came out.
  • Jaelen Reagor WR
  • Tylan Wallace WR
  • Kendrick Rodgers WR – less fast Mike Evans.
  • Stanford Samuels CB

$7 mil

  • Liam Eichenberg T
  • Mekhi Becton T
  • Jake Hanson C
  • (Wyatt Davis G Stanford)
  • Laviska Shenault WR – a more polished Cordarrelle Patterson.
  • KJ Hill WR
  • Jake Breeland TE
  • Giovanni Ricci TE Western Michigan
  • Domonick Wood-Anderson TE Tennessee
  • Deandre Swift RB
  • Eno Benjamin RB
  • McKenzie Milton QB – like Case Keenum as a shorter QB who can use his legs as a threat but can hit a receiver anywhere on the field.
  • D’Eriq King QB – basically another Kyler Murray, just isn’t playing on a team as strong as Oklahoma.
  • Grant Delpit FS
  • Jeffrey Okudah CB
  • Chase Lucas CB
  • Essang Bassey CB
  • Dylan Moses ILB
  • Yetur Gross-Matos OLB
  • Michael Divinity OLB
  • Jaquan Bailey DE Iowa State
  • Carlos Basham DE
  • Rashard Lawrence DT

$6 mil

  • Raekwon Davis DT
  • Derrick Brown DT
  • Damonte Coxie WR
  • Jerry Jeudy WR
  • Grant Calcaterra WR/TE
  • Brycen Hopkins TE
  • Jared Pinkney TE
  • Justin Herbert QB
  • Anthony Gordon QB
  • Andrew Thomas T
  • Tristan Wirfs T
  • Colton McKivitz T
  • Drew Richmond G
  • Isaiah Simmons SS
  • Kristian Fulton CB
  • AJ Terrell CB
  • Damon Arnette CB
  • Khalid Kareem DE
  • Jaelen Phillips DE Miami

$5 mil

  • Khaleke Hudson ILB
  • Patrick Queen ILB LSU
  • Antjuan Simmons ILB Michigan State
  • Terrell Lewis OLB
  • Carter Coughlin OLB
  • Kenny Willekes DE
  • Marquiss Spencer DE
  • Trevon Diggs CB
  • TJ Carter CB
  • Bryce Hall CB
  • Dane Jackson CB Pittsburgh
  • Jalen Thompson FS
  • Trey Adams T
  • Calvin Throckmorton T
  • Trey SMith T
  • (Isaac Moore T Temple Freshman)
  • Scott Frantz T
  • Parker Braun G
  • Shane Lemuix G
  • John Simpson G
  • Lorenzo Neal DT
  • Javon Kinlaw DT
  • Deonte Brown G
  • Travis Etienne RB
  • Zack Moss RB
  • Kennedy McKoy RB
  • Jordan Love QB
  • Joe Burrow QB
  • Denzel Mims WR
  • Rashod Berry FB
  • Tua Tagovailoa TE – one read QB, makes poor decisions. Best used as a tight end as his legs and balance are his best traits. Big enough to block.

$4 mil (any players of this value or below I stopped writing down, as I don’t think they can become NFL contributors relative to the rest of the talent pool in the NFL. For reference, after doing a 7 round mock draft using last year’s big board, players who I valued at $4 mil or less would be day three picks):

  • CJ Henderson CB
  • Richard Lecounte CB
  • Jacob Eason QB
  • Solomon Kindley G
  • Zach Robertson T
  • Yasir Durant T
  • Kenny Cooper C
  • Jabari Zuinga ILB
  • JR Reed FS
  • Kenneth Murray ILB

$3 mil

  • KJ Costello QB
  • Ben Bredeson G
  • Logan Stenberg G
  • Lloyd Cushunberry C
  • Nick Harris C
  • Alaric Jackson T
  • CeeDee Lamb WR
  • Marquez Callaway WR
  • Mitchell Wilcox TE
  • Jaelen Phillips DE
  • Christian Rector DE
  • Jabari Zuniga DE
  • Larrell Murchison DT
  • Malik Harrison ILB
  • Shyheim Carter CB
  • Shaun Wade CB

$2 mil

  • Walker Little T
  • Thayer Munford T
  • Tommy Kraemer G
  • Alex Leatherwood G
  • Darryl Williams G
  • Creed Humphrey C
  • Jaylon Johnson CB
  • Xavier McKinney SS
  • Troy Dye SS
  • Jacob Phillips ILB
  • Michael Pinkney ILB
  • Zach Baun ILB
  • Jon Greenard DE
  • Cam Akers RB –
  • AJ Dillon RB
  • Trey Sermon RB
  • Steven Montez QB

$1 mil

  • Jake Fromm QB
  • Nate Stanley QB
  • Ke’Shawn Vaughn RB
  • Scottie Phillips RB
  • Jordan Conkrite RB
  • TJ McCoy C
  • Zack Shackleford C
  • Cesar Ruiz C
  • Lucas Niang T
  • Brandon Jones CB
  • Cameron Dantzler CB
  • Richie Grant FS
  • Markus Bailey ILB
  • Reggie Walker DE
  • Bradlee Anae DE
  • Marvin Wilson DT


  • Nick Coe DT
  • JK Dobbins RB
  • Kylin Hill RB
  • Donovan Peoples-Jones WR
  • Denzel Mims WR
  • Colby Parkinson TE
  • Hunter Bryant FB
  • Cohl Cabral C
  • Paddy Fisher ILB
  • Jordyn Brooks ILB
  • Evan Weaver OLB
  • Joe Gaziano DE
  • Alton Robinson DE
  • Anfarnee Jennings DE
  • Curtis Weaver DE
  • Marlon Davidson DT
  • Neville Gallimore DT
  • Justin Madabuike DT
  • Mustafa Johnson DT
  • Alohi Gilman SS
  • Mike Hampton CB
  • Demarkus Acy CB
  • Myles Bryant FS


Need tape on:

Korab Idrizi

Kevin McGill CB

Tarik Black WR

Hamsah Nasirildeen

Brad Stewart

Markus Bailey

How I would’ve conducted the Jets’ 2019 offseason

I am writing this after the draft, so apart from picking up undrafted free agents and other free agents, the NFL season is largely over, as training camp has begun. So I thought I’d show you all what I would’ve done if I was GM of the New York Jets, a team I follow because they’ve been mediocre for years, and have so much potential with their history and being in the Big Apple. So let’s pretend that the 2018-2019 season has ended, and we need to prepare for free agency and the draft.

First of all, let’s identify team needs.

We have two outstanding defensive tackles in Leonard Williams and Nathan Shepherd. We have two adequate inside linebackers in Avery Williamson and Darron Lee. We have an awesome young safety duo in Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams. We have a good offensive guard in Brian Winters. We have a solid rotational running back in Isaiah Crowell, and a solid starting tight end in Chris Herndon. We have already extended a solid receiver in Quincy Enunwa, and we can pick up a fifth year option on receiver Robby Anderson’s contract, which we should as he and Enunwa are nice young pieces.

Outside of these guys, every single player are below starting quality. That means that the needs are: quarterback (sorry Sam Darnold), running back (to complement Crowell), every offensive line position outside of right guard (I am assuming the trade for Kelechi Osemeli hasn’t happened yet), another starting receiver or tight end, two edge defenders, two cornerbacks, and a flex defender depending on personnel – but considering 70% of plays in the NFL are with 11 personnel against three receivers, that should mean a cornerback.

Before free agency begins, we need to examine what trades we might like to make. Keep in mind that we are armed with the 3rd pick, 68th pick, 92nd pick, 121st pick, 157th pick and the 196th pick, as well as around $80 million in cap space. First of all, who has been made available on the trade market, who we should offer a deal for before another team swoops in? The answer is Antonio Brown.

What might the Steelers accept in a trade offer? Before the draft I speculated that a third round pick (ie the 92nd pick) and Robby Anderson would suffice. Considering the Raiders gave up a third rounder and fifth rounder in real life, that seems like a pretty good deal.

We could not afford the other receiver on the market, Odell Beckham Jr, so we stay put as far as acquiring troubled receivers via trade.

Now we should look at our own roster to see what sort of contracts we would like to get out of. I proposed a bunch of trades in my Twitter feed here, but I think the best haul would be Travis Frederick, Dorance Armstrong, Connor Williams, and Cameron Fleming (assuming they extended his contract as they did in real life), in exchange for Sam Darnold, Kelvin Beachum and Trumaine Johnson. The Cowboys do it because they might want a player who they perceive to be a better QB in Darnold over Dak, and they don’t want to pay Dak as he will be a free agent in 2020. They get a veteran tackle in Beachum for the right side, and Johnson will bolster their below average cornerback group. They might want to get out of Travis Frederick’s large contract considering his injury history. We do it as I believe Darold is hugely overrated and will bust in a big way, and Beachum and Johnson are both extremely overpaid. This trade works out salary-cap wise, and frees up $11 million in space for us to use in free agency.

Before free agency begins, let’s assess what positions we need to fill in still. I think we should move to a 3-4 front with the addition of Armstrong. Therefore, I think the positions we need to fill are defensive tackle, left guard, running back, quarterback, receiver/tight end, one outside linebacker, and three cornerbacks.

We have around $91 million to play with in free agency. But before we start throwing around money, let’s have a look at who we can get in the draft, who could possibly be superior players to those in free agency on much cheaper deals.

My big board is here for what players I value most in the draft. Thankfully, no-one seems to value those players as highly as I do, which gives me a distinct advantage – I can trade down for more picks because I know my guy will still be there.

Byron Murphy is clearly my #1 target in the draft. I think he has Hall-of-Fame potential at cornerback, and that would fill a big need. Looking down the board to see who might invest a high pick in a corner, I think I can rule out the Raiders (who have Gareon Conley), the Buccaneers (who have Vernon Hargreaves), the Giants (who have Janoris Jenkins and will likely invest in a QB), and Jacksonville (who already have a great corner duo in Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye). I think the Lions might want Byron Murphy, as they don’t have a good corner outside of Darius Slay. Therefore, I think we can trade down before the Lions pick, and take Murphy.

I think the Jaguars might trade up for whoever falls the most out of Quinnen Williams, Nick Bosa and Josh Allen. Therefore I think a fair trade would be giving them the 3rd pick in exchange for their 7th and 98th picks. With the 7th pick, we take Byron Murphy.

The next player on my list to target would be Taylor Cornelius, the stud QB out of Oklahoma State. You can read why I value him so much on my big board. The next pick we have is the 68th pick. I think he’ll definitely still be available there, as he often doesn’t even rank in the top 20 QBs in the draft on many mock sites (he would go undrafted in the real life draft). Therefore we don’t have to use precious draft capital to trade up for him, and we don’t want to risk trading back again and have him taken, so we draft him with the 68th overall pick.

The next decision in regard to what player to take next is a difficult one, as LJ Scott is a better running back than Yodny Cajuste is a guard in my opinion, however Cajuste as Hall-of Fame potential as a tackle, so drafting him would be based on his ability to play guard in the short term and play tackle in the long term, where we can potentially trade Cameron Fleming or let him go for a compensatory pick. That’s why we take Cajuste with the 92nd pick.

The next best player we need is LJ Scott at running back. We can simply take him with the Jaguars’ 98th pick. With the 121st pick, we can take Cole Holcomb at outside linebacker. At 157, we can take Kris Boyd at corner, and with the 196th pick, we can take Michael Dogbe at defensive tackle.

This is all just a plan for the draft, and things might not go so well, but let’s assess to see if this plan doesn’t work out. If we miss on Byron Murphy (by someone swooping in and taking him early, assuming the trade with the Jags goes down), we can take Kris Boyd later on. If the Jaguars don’t accept a trade down, we can trade down with the Giants, Bucs or Raiders, and if that doesn’t work, we can just take Murphy 3rd overall anyway. If we miss on Cornelius, we can always get other less-heralded QBs like Jordan Ta’amu or Tannger Mangum. If we miss on Cajuste, we can take Isaiah Prince, David Edwards or Bobby Evans. If we don’t get an additional pick from trading down from 3rd, we can pick up an undrafted guy afterwards (and trust me, some really good players went undrafted). If we miss on Scott at running back, we can get Bryce Love or Elijah Holyfield. If we miss on Cole Holcomb, we can get Darryl Johnson, Wyatt Ray or Cece Jefferson. If we miss on Boyd at corner (or we took him earlier), we can get Derrick Baitty or Mark Fields. If we miss on Michael Dogbe, we can take..ok, there’s not great defensive tackle depth because all of the good ones would be taken earlier, but I know that Trenton Thompson out of Georgia from last year’s draft went undrafted and would be available as he last played in the AFF, despite being a potential All-Pro player. So it is a gamble to not go after certain free agents because we project to get good players at their positions in the draft, but it is a wise one, as we can save money, get better players on cheaper deals, without losing the starting-level players that could fall to us if Plan A doesn’t work.

With this in mind, the only positions that we need to bolster as starters in free agency are receiver/tight end and cornerback. In real life, quality players such as Jakobi Myers and Donald Parham at receiver and Derrick Baitty and Mark Fields would go undrafted, and could be immediately signed. But we cannot rely on this happening, so we’d better offer some free agent contracts.

Therefore, I think we should offer Tarvarus McFadden a 3 year deal of around $5 million per year, which I understand is allowed even if he’s on the Niners practice squad. You can see my evaluation on McFadden from my big board in the 2018 draft here. At receiver, I think we might as well offer the best tight end on the market, Jesse James, a 3 year, $7 million per year deal, as it’s handy to have two tight end sets anyway. He and Herndon can provide mismatches, where they can dominate as run blockers or be flexed wide against linebackers.

I think Josh McCown at quarterback, Elijah McGuire at running back, Jordan Jenkins at outside linebacker, Brandon Shell at tackle, and Jordan Leggett at tight end are adequate backups, unless we can find far superior backups at a cheap price at those positions. What other positions need to be filled with backups then? I think a third receiver is a big need, so the budget for what we should spend on that spot is $7 mil, while the budget for the rest of the positions should be around $5 million. Those positions are: guard, center, free safety, strong safety, two backup corners, linebacker, and defensive tackle. We also need a kicker, so it should be a priority to sign Pro-Bowler Jason Myers, and return man Andre Roberts also provides value. We can worry about third stringers later. We have around $79(!!) million to spend. Here are the contracts I would offer:

  • Martavis Bryant, WR – 3 years, $5 million per year. Bryant can come cheap as he is still unsigned at time of writing, so demand for him is low. He provides a great deep threat to complement Antonio Brown’s finesse-style game and Quincy Enunwas YAC ability.
  • Jason Myers, K – 3 years, $4 million per year. He and Aldrick Rosas had the best years of any kickers last season. He’s worth the reinvestment.
  • Trenton Thompson. DT – 3 years, $3 million per year. I don’t get why he went undrafted. Maybe there’s character concerns? That’s the only thing that would make sense. He is dominant on the interior with a good get off and hand usage. He can be gotten so cheaply as his last football action was in the AFF.
  • Kamari Cotton-Moya, SS – 3 years, $3 million per year. Undrafted after last season, Cotton-Moya is a bit like Quandre Diggs with his explosiveness and hitting ability at a smaller than average size.
  • Tre Boston, FS – 2 years, $4 million per year. Boston was great as a starting free safety two years ago in San Diego, but has had trouble getting a long term contact since – he played well with the Cardinals on a one year deal last year though. He’s still a free agent, so he can be gotten for cheap, and can be given minutes to give Marcus Maye some rest or in nickel or dime packages.
  • Andre Roberts, WR – 2 years, $4 million per year. A great return man and can be a downfield threat at receiver.
  • Andy Levitre, G – 2 years, $4 mil per year. Is ageing but can still provide solid backup depth.
  • Bashaud Breeland, CB – 2 years, $4 million per year. The Chiefs offered him a one year, $2 million deal, so this one beats it, even if he is far down the depth chart.
  • Jonathon Harrison, C – 1 year, $3 million per year. The center market, outside of Matt Paradis and Mitch Morse, was quite weak in the offseason. So Harrison, a former Jet, will suffice.
  • Moe Claiborne, CB – 2 years, $4 million per year. Claiborne has been injury riddle of late but has some ability when healthy, so it’s worth bringing him back. He’s still a free agent in real life so his market is not strong.
  • Dez Bryant, WR – 1 year, $4 million per year. Bryant is still unemployed and coming off an Achilles injury, but I still think he can win on jump balls and middle of the field yardage.
  • Brett Hundley, QB – 3 years, $5 million per year. Hundley is far better than McCown, so signing him is worth it as a backup. See what Nick Foles did when Carson Wentz went down in 2018. This offer would blow the Chargers out of the water, as they got him for just under $2 million for just one year.
  • Bruce Irvin, OLB – 2 years, $5 million per year. Irvin signed a one year $4 million contract with the Panthers, so if we offer our deal I think we can beat it. We already have Jenkins, but Irvin would be a big upgrade.
  • Elijah Penny, FB 2 years, $2 million per year. It doesn’t hurt to have a full back in 21 formations, and Penny is the best on the market.
  • Malik McDowell, DE – 3 years, $5 million per year. This signing doesn’t fill a need on first viewing, but there weren’t many cheap quality inside linebackers on the free agent market, so I’ve come up with a different plan. We can start Bruce Irvin at outside linebacker, have Jordan Jenkins back him up, and move Cole Holcomb to inside linebacker, where Darron Lee can back him up. McDowell can play base end on a 4-3 front of move inside in a 3-4 front. Winning!
  • Alex Collins, RB – 2 years, $3 million per year. Collins was driving while stoned, was arrested and released by the Ravens, so he comes with a cheap price tag. I think players should have a second chance, and we could have staff to help support Collins if he has a problem with drugs. Beside, we’d get a Pro-Bowl level back lol.

That money spent equals $64 million. That’s a lot of money to spend on backups or rotational players! But it is worth it, as those players are good enough to either give spot minutes or start if a starter goes down with an injury.

That’s 46 players at the moment. We also have: Rashard Robinson CB, Josh Bellamy WR, Rontez Miles SS, Brandon Copeland DE, Brent Qvale T, Eric Tomlinson TE, Charone Peake WR, Neal Sterling TE, Tarell Basham OLB, Davis Webb QB, Parry Nickerson CB, Foley Futakasi DT and Trenton Cannon RB on the roster. I might have left out some other guys who were on the roster prior to the offseason but I can’t be bothered finding out who they were. These guys aren’t good enough to deliver quality production in 11 vs 11 play, but they come cheap and can be used on special teams. However, they might still be cut in place of superior undrafted free agents, whose availability we can’t accurately forecast.

So, the depth chart that I intend would get minutes in 2019 would look like this:

QB: Taylor Cornelius, Brett Hundley, Josh McCown,

RB: LJ Scott, Alex Collins, Isaiah Crowell, Elijah McGuire,

WR: Antonio Brown, Quincy Enunwa, Martavis Bryant, Dez Bryant, Andre Roberts

TE: Jesse James, Chris Herndon, Jordan Leggett, Elijah Penny

Tackle: Cameron Fleming, Connor Williams, Brandon Shell

Guard: Yodny Cajuste, Brian Winters, Andy Levitre

Center: Travis Frederick, Jonathon Harrison

Safety: Marcus Maye, Jamal Adams, Tre Boston, Kamari Cotton-Moya

Cornerback: Byron Murphy, Tarvarus McFadden, Kris Boyd, Moe Claiborne, Brashaud Breeland

Inside linebacker: Avery Williamson, Cole Holcomb, Darron Lee.

Outside linebacker: Bruce Irvin, Dorance Armstrong, Malik McDowell, Jordan Jenkins

Defensive tackle: Leonard Williams, Nathan Sheperd, Michael Dogbe, Trenton Thompson.

Kicker: Jason Myers

Punter: Lachlan Edwards

Considering that every single starter in the 11 vs 11 squad has a value of atleast $7 million per year, and the team features Leonard Williams, Taylor Cornelius, Byron Murphy, Yodny Cajuste, Nathan Shephard, Jamal Adams, Travis Frederick, Antonio Brown and LJ Scott as potential All-Pro caliber players with great depth around them, I think this team can be championship contenders. All while being $15 million under the salary cap.

Let me know what you think by commenting here or tweeting at me at @bskinnreports.

Grading every team’s haul in the 2019 NFL draft

I am basing these team grades on their individual picks. My grade on Day One, Day Two and Day Three are hyperlinked, which provides the reasoning for the grade on each pick in further detail.



Taylor Rapp F, Darrell Henderson C, David Long B, Bobby Evans B, Greg Gaines A, David Edwards A, Nick Scott F, Dakota Allen A

They got their starting slot corner, two starting offensive tackles of the future that can play guard in the short term, a starting nose tackle to help Aaron Donald wreak havoc and provide depth with Michael Brockers, an inside linebacker that can bring big time run stuffing ability from day one, and a running back with home run speed to give Todd Gurley some rest. That’s an A from me.



Kyler Murray F, Byron Murphy A, Andy Isabella F, Zach Allen F, Hakeem Butler A, Deionte Thompson A, Keesean Johnson D, Laimont Gaillard F, Michael Dogbe A, Joshua Miles D, Caleb Wilson A

Murray is a good player but I wouldn’t have taken him first, especially considering they already had Rosen. But he has big time weapons now, with Wilson and Butler the top tight end and receiver on my board respectively. Their defence is now one of the best young group in the league with Thompson at free safety, Byron Murphy at corner and Michael Dogbe at defensive tackle. Their offensive line will still be below average, but Miles brings some depth.


Quinnen Williams F, Jachai Polite A, Chuma Edoga B, Trevon Wesco F, Blake Cashman A, Blessaun Austin F

They get a great edge defender in Jachai Polite, who was considered a top 10 talent before the combine. He’s just like Arden Key in this respect – their talent is undeniable, but number crunchers see their poor 40 times and their stock falls. But they can PLAY! Chuma Edoga fills a much needed hole at tackle, where Kelvin Beachum or Brandon Shell can be used inside where the Jets desperately need a center. And Blake Cashman, while low on the depth chart now compared to CJ Mosley and Avery Williamson, can bring a Pro-Bowl level of play from day one at the linebacker spot. He or Williamson could even line up on the edge opposite Polite if the Jets opt for a 3-4 front.



Brain Burns F, Greg Little B, Will Grier F, Miller F, Jordan Scarlett B, Dennis Daley B, Terry Godwin F

The Panthers get great value o-linemen in Greg Little and Dennis Daley. Jordan Scarlett can be a great option running between the tackles to complement Christian McAffrey’s outside game.


Ed Oliver F, Cody Ford B, Devin Singletary F, Dawson Knox B, Vosean Joseph C, Jaquan Johnson D, Darryl Johnson A, Tommy Sweeney F

They get a starting tackle in Ford and a pass catching tight end for Josh Allen to throw to. They get a top 5 steal in the draft in relative unknown defensive end Darryl Johnson, who can play replace Jerry Hughes long term to create a great edge tandem with Shaq Lawson.


N’Keal Harry F, Joejuan Williams A, Chase Winovich F, Harris C, Yodny Cajuste A, Hjalte Froholdt F, Jarrett Stidham F, Byron Cowart D, Jake Bailey F, Ken Webster F

They got a corner who can play in nickel packages and eventually replace Jason McCourty in Joejuan Williams, a starting left tackle with Hall-of-Fame potential (once he recovers from his ACL injury) in Yodny Cajuste, and a three down running back in Damien Harris who can make up for the reach on Sony Michel last year. NOTE: Michel had good numbers last year, but he did rely on an awesome offensive line. I have him valued at $3 mil a year, as he had fumbling issues in college and is a bit stiff laterally, so he’s only good for short yardage plays running straight into a hole, in my opinion.


Marquese Brown B, Jaylon Ferguson C, Miles Boykin F, Justice Hill B, Ben Powers F, Iman Marshall F, Daylon Mack F, Trace McSorley C

They got some receiver help that they desperately need in Brown, a pass catching gadget back in Justice Hill, a quarterback who I believe is already better than Lamar Jackson in Trace McSorley, and a developmental edge rusher to help replace the loss of Terrell Suggs and Zadarius Smith in Jaylon Ferguson.


Dwayne Haskins F, Montez Sweat F, Terry McLaurin C, Bryce Love B, Wes Martin F, Ross Pierschbacher F, Cole Holcomb A, Kelvin Harmon B, Jordan Brailford D

They get the premier edge defender who can also help in off-ball linebacker duties in Cole Holcomb, an absolute steal at receiver in Kelvin Harmon who can mesh beautifully as a possession receiver alongside the more finesse and deep-ball oriented Josh Doctson, and a third receiver in Terry McLaurin who can also provide a deep threat and YAC ability. They also get Bryce Love, who can replace injury-prone Chris Thompson to make an incredibly versatile 1-2 punch with Derrius Guice from last year’s draft, who will return from an ACL injury.


Christian Wilkins F, (Josh Rosen F), Michael Deiter B, Andrew van Ginkel F, Isaiah Prince A, Chandler Cox F, Myles Gaskin B

They plug the ridiculously large holes on the offensive line left by Josh Sitton and Jawuan James with Deiter and Prince, the latter of whom can be a Pro-Bowler immediately. They get a dynamic playmaker out of the backfield in Miles Gaskin as well.


Greedy Williams C, Sione Takitaki C, Sheldrick Redwine A, Mack Wilson C, Austin Seibert F, Drew Forbes D, Lewis F,

They replace Jabrill Peppers and Derrick Kindred at strong safety with Sheldrick Redwine. They also improve their linebacker depth with Sione Takitaki and Mack Wilson, and potentially save money, as they might subsequently release Christian Kirksey and let Joe Schobert walk in free agency. They also get a starting corner in Greedy Williams, and a guard who might have to start in Drew Forbes if Austin Corbett disappoints there.


Trysten Hill C, Connor McGovern A, Tony Pollard F, Michael Jackson A, Joe Jackson F, Donovan Wilson F, Mike Weber F, Jalen Jelks F

They complete their status of having the best offensive line in the league by getting Connor McGovern at left guard, so that Connor Williams can play his more natural position of right tackle. They get a much needed corner in Michael Jackson, and a defensive tackle to replace David Irving (if he truly quit the NFL) in Trysten Hill.


Jonathon Simmons C, AJ Brown D, Nate Davis A, Amani Hooker D, Deandre Walker F, David Long F

The Titans have one of the best offensive lines in football with Davis filling the hole at right guard. They take Simmons when they had other needs, but he can be a force on the interior of the d-line immediately. They get a third receiver to play with Corey Davis and Adam Humphries in AJ Brown, and get a versatile safety or linebacker in Amani Hooker.



Rashan Gary D, Darnell Savage B, Elgton Jenkins F, Jace Sternberger F, Kingsley Keke F, Dexter Williams F, Ty Summers F

They get a starting free safety in Darnell Savage and a versatile defensive linemen in Rashan Gary, whose selection I would’ve graded higher if he wasn’t going to have to play behind established players in Preston Smith, Zadarius Smith, and the bevy of good defensive tackles the Packers already have.


Tytus Howard B, Lonnie Johnson Jr F, Max Scharping F, Kahele Warring F, Charles Omenihu D, Xavier Crawford F, Cullen Gillaspia F

They get a much needed boost at the tackle spot – in fact, I think Howard and Martinas Rankin from last year’s draft can be a strong offensive tackle pair for years to come. Charles Amenihu can be a nice sub in at defensive end to spell JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus.


Daniel Jones C, Dexter Lawrence D, Deandre Baker C, Oshane Ximines F, Julian Love A, Ryan Connelly F, Darius Slayton F, Corey Ballentine F, George Asafo-Adjei F, Chris Slayton F

They get two solid starters at corner from day one in Julian Love and Deandre Baker, so the Giants secondary is much improved. They get a solid quarterback in Daniel Jones who should contend with Eli for a starting job. They get an elite defensive tackle in Dexter Lawrence , who I would’ve graded higher if they didn’t already have adequate starters in Dalvin Tomlinson and rookie steals from last year in BJ Hill and RJ McIntosh.


Jonah Williams F, Drew Sample F, Germaine Pratt F, Ryan Finley C, Renell Wren F, Michael Jordan F, Trayveon Williams F, Deshaun Davis A, Rodney Anderson B, Jordan Brown F

Deshaun Davis can be a starting level linebacker from day one, and Rodney Anderson can provide a nice bell cow style of running compared to a more speed-oriented style of incumbent Joe Mixon. They also get a good backup QB in Ryan Finley who projects as a starter to eventually replace the ageing Andy Dalton. They still left their secondary and offensive line with gaping holes, however.


Nick Bosa F, Deebo Samuel B, Jalen Hurd F, Mitch Wishnowsky F, Dre Greenlaw F, Kaden Smith C, Justin Skule D, Will Harris F

They get a top 3 receiver in the draft in Deebo Samuel, which filled a huge need. They get some offensive line depth with Justin Skule, and Smith can come in for two tight end sets or spell George Kittle at times. Bosa will be a solid player, but I had a third round grade on him, as you can read here.


Devin White F, Sean Bunting F, Jamal Dean A, Mike Edwards F, Anthony Nelson F, Matt Gay F, Scott Miller F, Terry Beckner A

They found a corner in Jamal Dean, who will patch up the worst secondary in the league. They also got a good defensive tackle in Terry Beckner Jr, who could replace Gerald McCoy long term. Devin White will be ok from the linebacker spot, but he was a reach.



Jerry Tillery F, Nasir Adderley C, Trey Pipkins B, Easton Stick F, Emi Egbule F, Cortez Broughton F

Pipkins can start immediately at right tackle and Adderley can be the starting free safety, but they didn’t address their porous offensive line any further or bring in more depth at receiver.


LJ Collier F, Marquise Blair B, DK Metcalf F, Cody Barton F, Gary Jennings Jr F, Phil Haynes A, Ugo Amadi F, Ben Birr-Kurven F, Travis Homer C, Demarcus Christmas F, John Ursua F

Haynes will start at guard, Blair will replace Earl Thomas at free safety and Homer can spell Chris Carson and Rashaan Penny, but every other pick was a huge reach.



Clelin Ferrell F, Josh Jacobs F, Jonathan Abram F, Maxx Crosby D, Isaiah Johnson F, Foster Moreau F, Hunter Renfrow C, Mike Bell F

Crosby can be a rotational edge defender and Renfrow can be a rotational receiver, but every other player was a massive reach.


Josh Allen F, Jawaan Taylor F, Josh Oliver C, Quincy Williams F, Ryquan Armstead C, Gardner Minshew F, Dontavious Russell F

Oliver can beat out the other tight ends in Jacksonville for the tight end job, and Armstead can spell Leonard Fournette, but every other pick was a reach.


TJ Hockenson D, Jahlani Tavai F, Austin Bryant D, Amani Oruwiye D, Travis Fulgham D, Ty Johnson F, Isaac Nauta F, PJ Johnson F

Hockenson can compete with Jesse James or play with him in a two tight end formation, while Bryant, Oruwiye and Fulgham can give spot minutes at their respective positions.


Garret Bradbury F, Irv SMith Jr C, Will Harris F, Alexander Mattison F, Cameron Smith F, Armon Watts F, Epps F, Udoh D, Boyd A, Mitchell F, Olabisi Johnson F, Austin Cutting F

Kris Boyd was a steal in the last round of the draft and creates a hellish secondary for defences to pass against. It might also allow the Vikings to attempt to trade Xavier Rhodes which would free up considerable cap space for the cap space-poor Vikings, as they already have Mike Hughes and Trae Waynes as good corners with upside. Minnie also drafted Irv Smith Jr who can play with Kyle Rudolph or replace him and his hefty contract, as they do already have a nice flex tight end from last year’s draft in Tyler Conklin. They also got Oli Udoh, who would ideally be a developmental guy at guard but might have to play immediately since their o-line is so weak.


Andre Dillard D, Sanders D, JJ Arcega-Whiteside F, Shareef Miller D, Clayton Thorson F

Dillard can be the tackle of the future once Jason Peters retires, or could play left guard right away. Miles Sanders is a nice change of direction back who can receive a little bit, so that’s an ok complement for recently acquired Jordan Howard. Shareef Miller can be a nice developmental player at the edge on passing downs or at linebacker against the run.


Rock Ya-Sin F, Ben Banogu F, Parris Campbell B, Bobby Okereke D, Khari Willis F, Marvell Tell F, EJ Speed F, Gerri Green F, Jackson Barton D, Javon Patterson F.

Parris Campbell can give spot minutes behind TY Hilton, Devin Funchess and a steal from last year’s draft in Deon Cain, who was out all of last year with an ACL injury. He also provides insurance for the ageing Dontrelle Inman, and could contribute heavily on punt returns. Bobby Okereke is a versatile linebacker who can play on the edge or behind the line of scrimmage, but is best as a developmental prospect at this stage, as is Jackson Barton at guard.


David Montgomery F, Riley Ridley D, Duke Shelley F, Kerrith Whyte F, Stephen Denmark D.

Riley Ridley can develop behind Allen Robinson, Cordarelle Patterson, Anthony Miller and Taylor Gabriel with a view on starting in a few years time. Stephen Denmark can eventually replace Prince Amukumara at corner, as Prince is 30.


Devin Bush F, Diontae Johnson F, Justin Layne F, Benny Snell B, Zach Gentry F, Isaiah Buggs F, Ulysees Gilbert F, Derwin Gray F

Benny Snell can give James Connor some rest. Devin Bush can be a good defender in space but he was a big reach in my opinion, as he lacks the size to defend the run in the box against blocking linemen.


Chris Lindstrom F, Kaleb McGrary C, Kendall Sheffield F, John Chominsky F, Qadree Ollison F, Scott Miller F, Marcus Green F

McGrary will replace Ryan Schroeder at right tackle. Every other player had a grade of being worth $3 mil or less per year, so they’re all players who will be below average unless they’re given serious time to develop.


Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below or tweet at me at @bskinnreports.

Summary of my 7-round mock draft prior to 2019 NFL draft

A link to how I would’ve drafted if I was every single team (with no trades) is here. Note that this was made prior to the draft so the Josh Rosen trade hadn’t happened yet, which shook up team needs. This mock used my big board 2.0, not the big board I’ve ended up with after scouting the players who were drafted that I missed, which can be found here. I drafted based on my big board, as well as team needs, which I gathered from my own understanding of the talent at each position on each roster, as well as’s player needs tool in the mock draft builder on their site.

  • Tytus Howard would have been drafted by the Texans at 23, which is what happened in real life.
  • Damien Harris of Alabama would’ve been drafted at 24th by the Raiders, not his Alabama running back teammate Josh Jacobs. I would’ve taken Jacobs in the fifth round – he can undoubtedly run at holes with speed and lay the boom, as well as get into the backfield and make catches, but he has little change of direction to make guys miss, so I think he’s a limited power runner.
  • Quinnen Williams, who many tagged as the best player in the draft, would’ve gone late in the first round to the Seahawks at 29.
  • TJ Hockenson would be a mid-second round pick going to the Packers at 44.
  • Daniel Jones would’ve been the second QB off the board, just like in real life – only, he would’ve gone 50th to the Vikings (assuming that I’d swiftly trade Kirk Cousins and his ludicrous contract). That is extremely late for the second QB to be drafted, but I honestly feel that every other team has more urgent needs at different positions – apart from the Jets, who would take Taylor Cornelius at 3, as I doubt Sam Darnold’s ability. Otherwise QB needy teams, such as the Buccaneers (sorry Jameis), Broncos, Ravens (Lamar Jackson is best as a receiver!), can fill other positions and take lesser known guys later on who still have starter ability in Tanner Mangum and Jordan Ta’amu. Note that I leave out the Dolphins on the QB-needy list, as I think undrafted Luke Falk is on par with early picks from last year’s draft in Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen with his pocket presence and arm.
  • Kyler Murray goes 58th to the Cowboys. Dak’s rookie year was crazy, but he is too turnover prone to be my starting QB. Kyler is my QB2 alongside Jones. I picked Jones for the Vikings over Murray because he’s more of a pocket passer and can more reliably get the ball to weapons such as Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, whereas Murray can be more of a playmaker with his legs for a more depleted Cowboys receiving group (outside of Amari Cooper).
  • Nick Bosa goes 72nd to the Bengals, Christian Wilkins goes 73rd to the Patriots, Ed Oliver goes 89th to the Colts, Josh Allen goes 90th to the Cowboys to play safety, and Clenin Ferrell goes 100th to the Panthers. This makes them third round picks. You can read why I don’t love those players on my big board. They were pegged as dominant defensive linemen going into the draft, but more talent was out there – Wilkins and Ferrell’s Clemson teammate Dexter Lawrence is an elite presence at nose tackle, while under the radar guys like Cole Holcomb and Darryl Johnson on the edge or Michael Dogbe, Terry Beckner Jr and Greg Gaines provide more value on the interior. All of those latter guys were picked on day three.
  • Devin Bush would go 101st to the Patriots in my mock. He’s a great defender in space but I think he’ll be overpowered in a “phone booth”, or when guards target him on run plays. That’s why, like Josh Allen, I have him as a strong safety.
  • Dwayne Haskins, Devin White, Garret Bradbury, and Jonah Williams all have fourth round grades.
  • Brian Burns would go 141st in the fifth round, when he went 16th to the Panthers in real life. He relies on speed only, and can be pushed off the ball on run plays, but cannot change direction enough to play off the ball or at safety, so he’s stuck being a mediocre outside edge rusher.
  • The Patriots may have thought that they got their guy in receiver N’Keal Harry at the end of the first round, but I have him going 143rd to the Giants in the fifth round. He can win contested balls but I doubt his athleticism and route running to create separation. They also took edge defender Chase Winovich in the second, but I had a seventh round/undraftable grade on him.
  • DK Metcalf would go to the the fifth round.
  • Chris Lindstrom, picked 14th by the Falcons, would be taken 168th by the Saints. Lindstrom has some mobility and bulk to run block in space and pass protect, but I think he plays with poor leverage and balance.
  • Max Scharping, taken in the sixth round, was drafted by the Texans in the second round in real life.
  • Drew Lock, drafted by the Broncos in the second round, would go in the late sixth.
  • The Rams won the draft in terms of picking talent at their later spots, but they took Taylor Rapp in the late first round, when I would’ve taken him in the sixth.
  • Notable undrafted players include: Jawaan Taylor (taken 35th by the Jaguars in real life); Jerry Tillery (taken 28th by the Chargers); and EJ Collier (taken 29th by the Seahawks).
  • Looking back on the mock, I probably would’ve taken stud defensive end Darryl Johnson with the Seahawks pick at 21 or the Ravens pick at 22, as both teams lost talent at that position during free agency. That would’ve altered the board somewhat, as although I though Bryce Love was in the top 16 players in the draft, he’d likely fall to the Raiders at 24 based on team needs, which would subsequently make Damien Harris fall, and so on.

Please leave a comment or tweet at me at @bskinnreports.



Grading every pick from Day Three in the 2019 NFL draft

As a reminder, here’s a link to my big board to understand where I’d draft guys, with a more detailed explanation of my grade on them. 

I have mostly not commented on picks that fall below an A or B, as I consider them players who have a value of $3 million a year or less, which considering there would be players available who have a value of atleast $6 million per year, makes them a bust.


4.103 Cardinals – WR Hakeem Butler A – absolute steal. Butler is the best receiver in the draft. He has some Randy Moss about him. A freak athlete for his size, he has good understanding of how to exploit space, and can make tough catches.

4.104 Bengals – QB Ryan Finley. C. Finley will be a great backup with starter potential, so while the Bengals could’ve addressed another position, this might be a sound investment to either play understudy to Andy Dalton, who is 31, or trading him for a QB needy time like they did with AJ McCarron.

4.105 Raiders – DE Maxx Crosby D

4.106 Bucs – DE Anthony Nelson F

4.107 Giants – CB Julian Love A – Love was on of the best corners on the board, and the Giants desperately needed help there after puzzlingly trading away former top 10 pick Eli Apple to the Saints. They also need tot hink about life after Janoris Jenkins.

4.108 Colts – SS Khari Willis F

4.109 Niners – P Mitch Wishnowsky F

4.110 Falcons – CB Kendall Sheffield F

4.111 Washington – RB Bryce Love B – Washington are stacked at running back in my opinion. They took the top one in the draft last year in Derrius Guice, who is recovering from an ACL tear but will make some waves this season I expect. They also have an elite receiving back in Chris Thompson when he’s healthy, and of course the steamroller Adrian Peterson who still brings some punch. Love is a Pro-Bowl candidate from day one, so he’s great value at this point in the draft, but I would’ve looked at another position first. For instance they need more interior o-line help.

4.112 Ravens – RB Justice Hill B – a little undersized to be an every down back but while Mark Ingram breaks down the defence between the tackles, Hill can come in and run away from them.

4.113 Vikings – G Dru Samia F

4.114 Panthers – ILB Christian Miller F

4.115 Titans – ILB Amani Hooker D

4.116 Lions – OLB Austin Bryant D

4.117 Pats – G Hjalte Froholdt F

4.118 Browns – SS Sheldrick Redwine A – Redwine is a starter – level player from day one, and the Browns needed a strong safety badly.

4.119 Seahawks – WR Gary Jennings F

4.120 Jets – TE Trevon Wesco F

4.121 Steelers – RB Benny SNell B – Snell is a big dude who can move really well, and will be a nice complement to James Connor.

4.122 Ravens – G Ben Powers F

4.123 Seahawks – G Phil Haynes A – I have Haynes as a top 10 guard in the draft who can start from day one. The Seahawks desperately need him on the interior too.

4.124 Bengals – DT Renell Wren F

4.125 Bears – WR Riley Ridley D

4.126 Ravens – CB Iman Marshall F

4.127 Cowboys – RB Tony Pollard F

4.128 Raiders – CB Isaiah Johnson F

4.129 Chargers – ILB Drue Tranquil C

4.130 Washington – G Wes Martin F

4.131 Seahawks – FS Ugo Amadi F

4.132 Pats – QB Jarrett Stidham F

4.133 Rams – DT Greg Gaines A – it’s these kind of picks that make me think the Rams are on top of things in a big way. Gaines will be an elite A gap player while Aaron Donald tears it up out wide. Gaines is strong against the run and can rarely be pushed off his spot, and has some good hand usage to get into backfield.

4.134 Falcons – DE John Chominsky F

4.135 Bengals – G Michael Jordan F

4.136 Raiders – TE Foster Moreau F


5.137 Cardinals – FS Deionte Thompson A – holy smokes, the Cards are making up for taking Murray and Isabella so early. Thompson is the best free safety in the draft, with single high coverage range, and despite his lean frame can bring the boom against the run. That Cardinals secondary, with Thompson and Budda Baker deep, and Byron Murphy and Pat Pete at corner, is scary good now.

5.138 Jags – RB Ryquell Armstead C – a back who can give Leonard Fournette some rest, as he plays with a similar physical style.

5.139 Steelers – TE Zach Gentry F

5.140 Seahawks ILB Ben Birr-Kurven F

5.141 Giants ILB Ryan Connelly F

5.142 Colts FS Marvell Tell F

5.143 Bucs K Matt Gay F

5.144 Lions – CB Amani Oruwiye D

5.145 Bills – ILB Vosean Joseph C

5.146 Niners – ILB Dre Greenlaw F

5.147 Raiders – WR Hunter Renfrow C

5.148 Packers – DT Kingsley Keke F

5.149 Dolphins – OLB Andrew van ginkel D

5.150 Falcons – RB Qadree Ollison F

5.151 Washington – C Ross Piersbacher F

5.152 Panthers – RB Jordan Scarlett B. McCaffrey might’ve seen basically every snap for the Panthers last season, but they still might need a strong runner to ease he and Cam Newton’s workload. Scarlett brings it, with Jamaal Charles level top speed and solid vision.

5.153 Browns – ILB Mack Wilson C. Man, the Browns were certainly in “best player available” mode with this pick, as they already took Sione Takitaki at the position earlier, and they have Pro-Bowler Joe Schobert and highly paid Christian Kirksey already on the roster in a sub-package heavy league. The Brown could look to move on from the later two with these picks. I don’t like doubling up at the same position with needs elsewhere, but Brown is a very mobile linebacker with some bulk to make an impact against the run.

5.154 Broncos – ILB Justin Hollins F

5.155 Jets – ILB Blake Cashman A – hoowee, the Jets are killing it. They’re already stacked at linebacker with CJ Mosley, Avery Williamson and former first round pick Darron Lee. But Cashman is worth it as the best linebacker in the draft. he has true sideline to sideline coverage, has strength to shed blocks against the run, and can cover extremely well. With Lee such a fast dude, they could move him to safety in sub packages, while Williamson might be traded just one year into his deal.

5.156 Cowboys – CB Michael Jackson A – fills a huge need next to Byron Jones at corner.

5.157 Pats – DE Byron Cowart D

5.158 Ravens – DT Daylon Mack F

5.159 Texans – DE Charles Omenihu D

5.160 Vikings – ILB Cameron Smith F

5.161 Pats – P Jake Bailey F – I like Bailey as both a punter and a kicker, but to take one so early, if at all, is ridiculous. The gap in talent between a good and a bad kicker or punter is far less than the gap in talent between a good corner and a bad corner. Kickers and punters are easier to find. So draft players who will make a larger impact!

5.162 Colts – ILB EJ Speed F

5.163 Cowboys – OLB Joe Jackson F

5.164 Chargers – QB Easton Stick F

5.165 Eagles – QB Clayton Thorson F

5.166 Titans – ILB Deandre Walker F

5.167 Rams – T David Edwards A – I think the Rams win this draft. Edwards can be a long term solution at tackle after Whitworth retires, or play at guard right away.

5.168 Browns – K Austin Seibert F

5.169 Giants – WR Darius Slayton F

5.170 Falcons – CB Jordan Miller F

5.171 Washington – OLB Cole Holcomb A – this selection salvages the draft for Washington. Holcomb compares to Von Miller with his elite speed off the edge, good strength despite his size (although I think Holcomb can continue to gain mass to improve as a run stopper), and has elite speed and fast twitch ability to cover a bit.


6.172 Cardinals – WR Keesean Johnson D

6.173 Steelers – OLB Sutton Smith C

6.174 Niners – TE Kaden Smith C

6.175 Saints – FS Saquon Hampton F

6.176 Jags – QB Gardner Minshew F

6.177 Cards – C Laimont Gaillard F

6.178 Giants – CB Corey Ballentine F

6.179 Bills – FS Jaquan Johnson D

6.180 Bengals – RB Traveon Williams F

6.181 Niners – G Justin Skule D

6.182 Lions – WR Travis Fulgham D

6.183 Packers – CB Kadar Hollmann F

6.184 Lions – RB Ty Johnson F

6.185 Broncos – WR Juwan Winfree F

6.186 Titans – ILB David Long F – well crap there’s two David Longs in the draft. The Rams got the better one.

6.187 Browns – G Drew Forbes D

6.188 Vikings – DT Armon Watts F

6.189 Vikings – SS Marcus Epps F

6.190 Steelers – DT Isaiah Buggs F

6.191 Vikings – G Oli Udoh D

6.192 Packers – RB Dexter Williams F

6.193 Texans – CB Xavier Crawford F

6.194 Jets – CB Blessaun Austin F

6.195 Ravens – QB Trace McSorley C – now move Lamar Jackson to receiver and the Ravens have a TEAM! McSorley is a good playmaker who can make some throws in the pocket as well.

6.196 Niners – FS Tim Harris F

6.197 Colts – DE Gerri Green F

6.198 Chargers – ILB Emi Egbule F

6.199 Chiefs – CB Rashad Fenton D

6.200 Dolphins – T Isaiah Prince A – the Dolphins had a very solid draft, and picking Prince this late is one of the steals of the draft. The Phons no longer have the worst o-line in the league.

6.201 Falcons – WR Marcus Green F

6.202 Seahawks – RB Travis Homer C – the Seahawks don’t really need more running back help but Homer is a good receiver, short yardage back and pass protector.

6.203 Bears – CB Duke Shelley F

6.204 Washington – WR Kelvin Harmon B – nice pick here to make a nice receiving core. Harmon was spoken about as a day one or two pick ,so nice job Washington. Harmon is a great possession guy who can make tough deep catches also despite a lack of top-line speed.

6.205 Steelers – ILB Ulysees Gilbert F

6.206 Bucs – WR Scott Miller F

6.207 Seahawks – DT Demarcus Christmas F

6.208 Bengals – ILB Deshaun Davis A – the Bengals could use another good linebacker outside of Malik Jefferson, and Davis brings it. He plays nasty, and can blow linemen up to run stop. Will need to get better in coverage but he has value as a run stopper alone.

6.209 Bengals – RB Rodney Anderson B – another nice pick, Anderson can be a bell cow back while Joe Mixon makes an impact outside the tackles.

6.210 Panthers – T Dennis Daley B – the Panthers have been rewarded in the past for investing heavily in linemen (eg their Super Bowl run had Andrew Norwell, peak Ryan Kalil, Trai Turner on the interior with adequate tackle players in Michael Oher and Mike Remmers). Bringing Daley gives insurance in case Darryl Williams goes down again.

6.211 Cowboys – S Donovan Wilson F

6.212 Chiefs – RB Darwin Thompson F


7.213 Bucs – DT Terry Beckner Jr A – the top defensive tackle remaining, and while they already have Vita Vea, Gerald McCoy and Beau Allen, Beckner provides depth and a replacement for McCoy if he is released or traded due to his heavy salary cap hit.

7.214 Chiefs – G Nick Allegriti D

7.215 Vikings – CB Kris Boyd A – the Vikings know how to draft corners, backing up Mike Hughes from last year with Boyd this year.

7.216 Cowboys – RB Mike Weber F

7.217 Steelers – T Derwin Gray F

7.218 Texans – FB Cullen Gillaspia F

7.219 Browns – CB Donnie Lewis F

7.220 Bears – RB Kerrith Whyte F

7.221 Bengals – CB Jordan Brown F

7.222 Lions – TE Isaac Nauta F

7.223 Bills – DE Darryl Johnson A – this guy was an unknown to me going into the draft, but having watched some tape, I think he’s the best true 4-3 defensive end in the draft, even in front of Rashan Gary. He played for small North Carolina A&T, but his blend of size (6’6″ with long arms, with potential to fill out more into his 250 pound frame), burst off the line of scrimmage, hand usage to knock away blockers in pass rush, a well-timed spin move, the leverage to move blockers against the run, and discipline to not bite on play action or read options make him a truly underrated prospect and another top 5 steal in the draft. Read this_ article that I made after the draft with my evaluations of players that were drafted but I hadn’t scouted prior to the draft.

7.224 Packers – ILB Ty Summers F

7.225 Washington – CB Jimmy Moreland F

7.226 Bills – TE Tommy Sweeney F

7.227 Lions – DT PJ Johnson F

7.228 Raiders – FS Quinton Bell F

7.229 Saints – TE Alize Mack D

7.230 Giants – T George Asafo-adjei F

7.231 Dolphins – FB Chandler Cox F

7.232 Dolphins – RB Myles Gaskin B – Gaskin is a bit like Justice Hill – a bit undersized to take too many hits between the tackles, but can be a great receiving threat from the running back position. He and Kenyan Drake can make a dynamic duo back there.

7.233 Jags – DT Dontavious Russell F

7.234 Seahawks – WR John Ursua F

7.235 Panthers – WR Terry Godwin F

7.236 Bears – CB Stephen Denmark D

7.237 Vikings – WR Dillon Mitchell F

7.238 Colts – G Jackson Barton D

7.239 Cowboys – ILB Jalen Jelks F

7.240 Chargers – DT Cortez Broughton F

7.241 Rams – FS Nick Scott F

7.242 Saints – OLB Kaden Ellis D

7.243 Giants – DT Chris Slayton F

7.244 Colts – G Javon Patterson F

7.245 Vikings – WR Olabisi Johnson F

7.246 Cardinals – T Joshua Miles D

7.247 Cardinals – DT Michael Dogbe A – I am extremely impressed with the Cardinals front office. Dogbe is a top 5 defensive tackle in the draft who has similar traits to Quinnen Williams, and they picked him up like 200 picks after Williams went. He is mobile enough to play 5 tech but strong enough to play on interior, which is perfect if the Cardinals revert back to a 3-4 scheme. But he can reduce inside and move guys around on the interior. The cardinals have no stand out dude at defensive tackle so this fills a need also.

7.248 Vikings – LS Austin Cutting F

7.249 Rams – ILB Dakota Allen A – the Rams are awesome. They have solid starters at inside linebacker, but Allen brings a big run stuffing presence and solid athleticism to cover a bit also.

7.250 Pats – CB Ken Webster F

7.251 Washington – DE Jordan Brailford D

7.252 Cardinals – TE Caleb Wilson A – the Cardinals picked up the best tight end in the draft class with the last pick. They have no stand out at tight end either, so Kyler Murray will have a lot of fun throwing to a dramatically improved receiving corps with Wilson and Hakeem Butler in the fold.

As I mentioned my big board can be found here and my grades from Day One and Two are here and here respectively. 






Updated big board 3.0 with guys I didn’t scout prior to 2019 NFL draft

As I did with version 1.0 and 2.0 of my big board, I scout a player based on their ability, and rank them according to my perceived value in dollar amounts. This helps in evaluating whether the player is an upgrade on whoever might else be on the roster.

Players I have most recently added to my big board, who were players that were drafted but I hadn’t scouted before the draft, are in italics.

Also, players in brackets are dudes I’ve scouted, but have opted to return to school. It gives an idea of how good they might be after next season.

Positions are the player’s best positions in my opinion, but they can have value at other positions. For example, I think Yodny Cajuste’s value as an offensive guard is around $11 million, yet his best position is at tackle, where his value is $14 million.

$14 mil

  • Yodny Cajuste T – fundamentally sound, great footwork, good pad level, isn’t physically dominant but can move people in the run game and seal edge.

  • Byron Murphy CB – extremely explosive getting to the ball and hits like a safety. Great hip flexibility in man coverage. Good downfield speed to keep up with receivers, has athleticism to win jump balls.

$13 mil

  • Greg Little T – absolutely massive human with great agility. Not quite as refined as Cajuste but still highly effective as a pass protector, is immune to bull rushes and has good hand usage and wingspan to fend off spins and swim moves.

  • Taylor Cornelius QB – a bit like Cam Newton with his height and speed. Great patience in pocket, good footwork to make multiple reads, has athleticism to escape pocket and run like the wind, has size to take hits and shrug off pass rushers, strong and reasonably accurate arm.

$12 mil

  • LJ Scott RB – just like LeVeon Bell. Big body, patient, can stiff arm, truck and juke dudes. Can be flexed out wide in passing game.

  • Dexter Lawrence NT – can collapse pocket just with sheer size and strength on interior.

$11 mil

  • Juan Thornhill SS – great in coverage with good speed, discipline in zones, strength and length to press guys. Not afraid to do dirty work against run either.

  • (David Dowell SS)

  • Jeffery Simmons DT – elite swim move and agility off the snap make him a compulsory double team.

  • Blake Cashman ILB – like a corner out there with his ability to move in space and sink hips for change of direction. Instinctive in traffic to make run stop plays. Sideline to sideline.

$10 mil

  • Bryce Love RB – home run speed with toughness and ability to read running lanes between the tackles. Can catch some and make guys miss in space too.

  • Hakeem Butler WR – big body, good hands, good at dragging feet to stay in bounds, can change direction well.

  • Deionte Thompson FS – definitely a single high coverage safety who can run sideline to sideline and cover in slot or closer to the line of scrimmage if needed.

  • Khalil Hodge ILB – great against the run as he stands blockers up and lets other men mop up. Fast enough to track guys down out wide. Sinks hips on coverage to change direction swiftly. Plays with intensity.

  • Cole Holcomb OLB – used primarily as an inside linebacker at North Carolina but he’s too good at pass rushing not to be put on the edge to get to the QB and make plays in the backfield, although he can cover also so he can be an off-ball LB in a 4-3 scheme. Awesome play sense who can diagnose run plays and demolish blockers to make a stop. Great hand usage and strength to shrug off blockers to get to QB and has good dip to speed rush. Athletic enough to get anywhere on the field to make tackles. Plays with immense passion. Not invited to combine despite leading Tar Heels in tackles last three years and ended up putting up ridiculous numbers at his pro day, like a 4.51 40. He’s this year’s Joe Ostman. Shout out to Dane Brugler for highlighting him in his piece on risers from Pro Days around the NFL landscape on The Athletic.

  • Connor McGovern G – extremely strong, once his hands grip you in pass pro it’s generally over. Swift enough to manage stunts etc in interior pass pro. Good physicality in run game.

  • Nate Davis G – swift footed in pass pro, plays extremely hard and keeps defenders in his grip on run plays, plays to whistle. Is shorter than normal as a tackle but is swift enough to keep up with edge rushers anyway.

  • Isaiah Prince T – great size and agility.

$9 mil

  • Cody Ford T – great foot-speed to keep up with pass rushers. Good enough strength to wall off guys in run game, and mobile enough to be used to pull on run plays too. Good wingspan to stop spin and swim moves. Projected by some as a guard but why not utilise his pass protection skills on edge.

  • JoeJuan Williams CB – great in man to man coverage, keeps receiver on his hip almost always. Not overly explosive to ball in zone. Can stand blockers up to make plays against the run. Best used on Y receiver out wide.

  • Darryl Johnson DE – from a small school (the same one Tarik Cohen went to), Johnson shows great burst off the line of scrimmage, and has sufficient hand usage and speed to make blocking him difficult. He can also diagnose run or pass plays well, so he can push linemen off the ball to make run stops. He’s very tall at 6’6″ but uses good leverage for extra power, will be able to fill out frame more. He plays to the whistle. Guards the edge well, making sure he doesn’t commit to potential run fakes in case the QB is running a read option. He has a spin move he sometimes uses to rush inside, I’d like to see more swim moves inside or just straight bull rushes on pass rushes, but maybe the footage I watched of him (the 2018 Celebration Bowl) was of him playing to a certain scheme to guard the edge.

  • Jakobi Meyers WR – great size and wingspan, good hands, so great jump ball ability. Even shows burst on WR screens.

  • Deebo Samuel WR – awesome YAC ability, solid hands and foot dragging on sidelines. Return game A+.

  • Caleb Wilson TE – awesome athlete, vertical threat as a tight end who can block well too. Led TEs in receiving yards for UCLA as a junior (by a mile).

  • (Ian Book QB)

$8 mil

  • (Tyler Biadasz C – great strength and balance to push guys off the ball in run game. Has agility to get to second level and block linebackers. Good awareness on blitz pickups in pass game and can stand up a pass rusher. Doesn’t have lightning-quick agility to find extra work in pass game.)

  • Rashan Gary DE – a Jadeveon Clowney level athlete. Not elite bend but still can be effective as an edge rusher through sheer athleticism and strength.

  • Kris Boyd CB – enough downfield speed to pressure catchers deep, good at pressing and moving his feet against slants. Good reading of blocks to run assist.

  • Quinnen Williams DT – extremely tough to block on interior, hyped as a top 3 prospect but lack of elite play strength and ability to stand guys up in run game limits him.

  • Michael Dogbe DT – elite strength and agility to hold up double teams to run stop and burst through holes to sack the QB. Can play on edge as he has some bend also.
  • Jachai Polite OLB – best as an outside linebacker due to his ability to move laterally in coverage from time to time, not elite get off but he can turn the corner well and has strength in run game.

  • Nasir Adderley SS – more of a box safety despite size due to his coverage skills not being elite, but holy smokes can he get to the ball.

  • Damien Harris RB – an all purpose back – toughness between tackles, speed to get outside in space, can catch and pass block.

  • Tytus Howard OT – good footwork to keep up with speed rush, good hands to bat away swim moves, solid but not great leverage on run block.

  • Garret Brumfield G – huge dude who can really move, can pull and be a lead blocker and seal off guys in run game. Can also get to next level, and can demolish defenders on weak side blocks. Sturdy in pass protection.

  • Donald Parham TE – awesome athlete for a 6’8″ dude with YAC ability. Sometimes whiffs on blocks but shows good hand placements and drive with legs in run game. Can flex him out wide for jump balls. Has some route running ability. Huge mismatch.
  • Keelan Doss WR – very nuanced route runner with good hands. Has a good release from the LOS. Knows where to run into soft spot of zones. A big enough target to win jump balls.

$7 mil

  • Daniel Jones QB – huge frame that can take hits and see the field, strong arm with solid accuracy, some mobility in pocket.

  • Darrell Henderson RB – home run speed, reads angles extremely well.

  • Andre Dillard T – good size and hand usage.

  • Chuma Edoga T – great size, extremely underrated.

  • (Liam Eichenberg T)
  • TJ Hockenson TE – good athlete, can catch pretty well and block some.

  • Johnnie Dixon WR – elite speed and solid size, can create separation with change of direction and has some YAC ability.

  • Kyler Murray QB – electric running with the ball, good patience and doesn’t panic when scrambling, good arm to hit targets but needs to improve accuracy. Can read defensive play calls well ie picks up blitzes and blown coverages.

  • Elijah Holyfield RB – slow but holy hell can he get yards after contact. Play speed is better than track speed as he can run through people. Sturdy in pass protection.

  • Julian Love CB – twitchy athlete who plays to whistle.

  • Terrill Hanks FS/anywhere on defence – extremely fluid athlete who can play at free safety in a Harrison Smith role in the box or play linebacker, where he can cover and blitz the passer. Not elite at any one thing but a swiss army knife on defence.

  • David Long CB – big corner who can press you, and has fluid enough hips to keep up with you.

  • Mark Fields CB – scrappy corner who can beat you in press man coverage and recover quickly.

  • Derrick Baitty CB

  • Nate Harvey DE – undersized at defensive end but knows all the tricks in the book to get to the QB.

  • Greg Gaines DT – a nose tackle who is extremely strong, can push guys out of the way well.

  • Terry Beckner Jr DT – powerful hand usage to split blockers and can use spin move to get into teeth of blocking scheme. Plays hard.

  • Justin Falcinelli C – a sturdy blocker who can get to second level on run plays. Diagnoses movement in pass rush well (eg stunts etc).

  • Nick Linder C – extremely mobile, can be used as lead blocker outside of tackles, and can manage twists and stunts etc quite well with that mobility.

  • Terrone Prescod G – moves very well for a big dude, solid pad level and drives with his legs. Agile in pass pro.

$6 mil

  • Kelvin Harmon WR – not a giant receiver but very strong, so a good jump ball target. Can run block well. Good polish in making toe tapping sideline catches. Could be best in slot for easy check-down passes, and can take hits inside. Has enough change of direction to get separation on curl routes, and can make contested catches.

  • Mecole Hardman WR – extremely quick and has YAC potential.

  • LilJordan Humphrey WR – makes tough catches, big target.

  • Darnell Savage FS – can be single high safety with great speed.

  • (Derrick Brown DT – great size and get off but minimal hand usage limits him.)

  • (Raekwon Davis DT)

  • Dakota Allen ILB – big linebacker who can get back in coverage well and has good instincts to find gaps in blocking scheme to make tackles.

  • Marquess Brown WR – electric YAC threat with some nuance to route running.

  • Michael Walker WR

  • David Edwards T

  • Christian Wilkins DT

  • Nick Bosa DE – a starter level NFL player but not a top 5 talent as everyone says. Lacks bend, consistent get off to be elite edge player, but hand usage and ability to fight through traffic for tough TFLs still attractive.

  • Wyatt Ray DE

  • Cece Jefferson DE

  • Mark McLaurin FS

  • Marquise Blair FS

  • Sheldrick Redwine SS – fast to the ball, can man up in slot one on one with good hip mobility. Solid size and hands. Can bend a bit on pass rush. Tackling a bit so so.

  • Greedy Williams CB – good athlete with elite wingspan but isn’t very physical and fundamentals can be lacking at times.

  • Zedrick Woods CB

  • Nate Brooks CB

  • Dalton Rosner T

  • Noah Fant TE – great athlete, deep ball and YAC threat at TE, but hands an issue.

  • Irv SMith Jr TE

  • Keenen Brown TE

  • Sione Takitaki ILB

  • Jeffrey Allison ILB – really good at reading holes and taking on blockers against the run. Can sink hips and move laterally in coverage. Tackling is an issue – he can get to the ball, but he doesn’t’t wrap up very well and lets defenders get yard after contact. Would also like ot see him play a bit harder and run sideline to sideline to impact receivers hwne they get the ball out wide.

  • Deshaun Davis ILB – epic run stopper, knows where to go and can destroy linemen. Plays NASTY! Can move a little bit in space for coverage duties.

  • Erik McCoy C

  • Michael Deiter G

  • Phil Haynes G

  • Nate Herbig G

  • Michael Jackson CB

  • Bobby Evans T

  • Jordan Ta’amu QB – good pocket passer with some escapability.

  • Tanner Mangum QB – ridiculous agility in the pocket and good footwork, fast mind can process blitzes quickly. Arm mechanics not great.

  • (Damonte Coxie WR)

  • Justice Hill RB

  • Rodney Anderson RB – a really good between-the-tackles back. Good at reading holes and quite elusive for a big guy. Has some burst through holes and solid top speed as well, can catch a little bit on passes out wide.

$5 mil

  • AJ Brown WR – not much urgency in getting open at times on short throws. Good change of direction to create space and good hands.

  • Kaleb McGrary T

  • Alex Bars G
  • Hunter Renfrow WR

  • Terry McLaurin WR

  • Jazz Ferguson WR – for his height he can really move vertically. Solid step to create separation and plays with intensity to beat press coverage. Shows willingness to run block but needs to show better balance and pad level.

  • Tyre McCants WR – one of the most interesting prospects around. A 5’11” 230 pound receiver?! He’s been listed as a full back on draft boards. He has good enough hands and speed to be a receiver though. Could be used a bit like Cordarrelle Patterson was used by the Pat’s?

  • Dawson Knox TE

  • Dax Raymond TE – good hands and burst to get open and make tough catches. Solid size to block but needs to improve leverage.
  • Miles Sanders RB

  • Sutton SMith OLB 135

  • Mitch Hyatt T

  • Daniel Cooney T – huge dude who can move a bit. Would like to see more aggression in run game and really destroy dudes. Can keep up with edge rushers and shows solid hand usage, can get imbalanced however.

  • Calvin Anderson T

  • Dennis Daley T
  • Yosuah Nijman G – good run blocker as he has good pad level and drives with his legs, hits hard. Not great with pass pro against speed rushers though, so kick him inside to guard.
  • Devin White ILB – pegged as top 5 pick, but lack of instinctiveness, ability to diagnose run or pass play and tackling ability a problem.

  • Vosean Joseph ILB

  • Darius Harris ILB – can read where run is headed and get into backfield. Best used as a run stopper as seems a bit clueless in coverage.
  • Ed Oliver DT – quick but hand usage and strength not ideal.

  • Clenin Ferrell EDGE

  • (Khaleke Hudson ILB)

  • Drue Tranquil ILB

  • Josh Allen SS – yup, best as a box safety. He can best use his coverage ability and athleticism there. He had great sack numbers in college, but I do think think he’s overly refined or has elite bend to rush passer.

  • Mike Bell SS

  • Amani Hooker ILB

  • Parris Campbell WR

  • DeAndre Baker CB

  • (Trey Adams T – great size and strength to hold up bull rush, needs to improve hand usage to avoid spins and swim moves.)

  • Mack Wilson LB – good at shedding blocks, some mobility in coverage

  • Myles Gaskin RB – great burst through holes. Good top speed to make big chunk plays. Good change of direction to make guys miss. Solid hands. Good vision and decision making to bounce runs outside.

  • Trayvon Mullen CB

  • Trysten Hill DT

  • (Lorenzo Neal DT)

  • Jaylon Ferguson OLB

  • (Deonte Brown G)

  • Bobby Okereke LB

  • Kaden Smith TE

  • Josh Oliver TE

  • Benny Snell RB

  • Ryquell Armstead RB

  • Travis Homer RB – good pass protector and good at sudden change of direction when rushing and running routes. Needs to improve balance and strength to break tackles. Solid top line speed.
  • Jordan Scarlett RB
  • Jamel Dean CB

  • Devin Bush SS – yep another LB who I think is best at safety. He has the physical tools to do so. This will maximise his ability to cover and tackle in space.

  • Joe Giles-Harris ILB

  • Maxx Crosby OLB

  • Trace McSorley QB – playmaker, can extend plays with legs and make solid passes in pocket.

  • Ryan Finley QB

  • Brad Mayes QB – can really whip it.

  • Dwane Haskins QB – great arm, anticipates routes and throws guys into space. Not great at blitz pickup or moving his feet to evade pressure.

  • Will Grier QB $5 mil – Russell Wilson-esque escapability, but inaccurate at times.

$4 mil

  • Jonah Williams T – footwork and agility not great for tackle spot.

  • Ethan Greenidge T

  • Justin Skule G – played tackle in college but best used as a guard due to explosiveness off the line and size, but also due to poor feet mobility.

  • Jackson Barton G – boasts good feet and size for a guard, maybe not so good at hand usage on pass pro to play tackle as best spot in NFL.

  • Nick Allegretti G – plays physical and is quite strong so once a guy is in his grip he can drive them off the ball, would like to see better pad level though. Pretty mobile. Needs to have more awareness in pass protection, tends to just block guy in front of him when he might be better deployed somewhere else if he’s already being blocked.

  • Joshua Miles T – long arms, mobile, good mobility to get reach blocks, can shuffle feet to avoid pass rush. Needs to bring fight to defenders at times, a bit passive.

  • Winston Dimel FB

  • Andrew Beck TE – good blocker, moves people in run game. Can get upfield a bit and catch.
  • Alize Mack TE – great release and can get upfield and make tough catches. Lacks bulk to block effectively.
  • Jaquan Johnson FS

  • Gary Johnson FS – played ILB at Texas but is best used as a free safety due to elite speed (4.43 40 yard dash exemplifies this).
  • Ryan Bates G

  • Oli Udoh G

  • Riley Ridley WR

  • Keesean Johnson WR

  • Travis Fulgham WR

  • DK Metcalf WR – good deep ball and YAC target but ability to separate a problem.

  • Spencer Schnell WR

  • Laimont Gaillard C

  • Charles Omenihu DE

  • Brian Burns OLB- great athlete but hand usage etc not great. Not big enough to hold up against run.

  • Derick Roberson DE (need more footage)

  • N’Keal Harry WR

  • Josh Jacobs RB

  • Devine Ozigbo RB – uniquely, is best as a receiving back as he has some quickness, but is also best as a short yardage back as he has solid size and burst. He just lacks the lateral ability make guys miss or read blocking lanes well. Might even be used as a fullback.
  • Amani Oruwiye CB

  • Chris Westry CB (need more footage)

  • Stephen Denmark CB

  • Sean Bunting CB

  • Rashad Fenton CB – I’m surprised by his poor combine numbers because he has great change of direction ability. Can get lost at times in zone coverage, but could be a solid backup from day one.

  • Andrew van Ginkel OLB – busy hands and knows what gaps to hit on run plays. Needs to develop strength and balance so he doesn’t get crushed as easily by bigger linemen.

  • Kyle Shurmur QB

  • Devin Singletary RB

  • Dre’Mont Jones DT

  • Carl Granderson edge

  • Garret Bradbury C – has snapping issues. Poor pad level and balance when blocking. Undoubtedly athletic so he can block at second level but needs to improve blocking ability in the trenches,

  • Nick Fitzgerald QB

  • David Blough QB

  • Gerald Willis DT

  • Austin Bryant OLB

  • Jordan Brailford DE

  • Byron Cowart DE

  • Shareef Miller OLB

  • Kaden Ellis OLB

$3 mil

  • Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CB

  • Hamp Cheevers CB

  • Isaiah Johnson CB

  • Donnie Lewis CB

  • Nik Needham CB

  • Jordan Brown CB

  • Kadar Hollmann CB

  • Xavier Crawford CB
  • Anthony Nelson DE

  • Ronheen Bingham DE

  • Malik Carney OLB

  • Chase Winovich OLB

  • Landis Durham OLB – solid in coverage and has patience to dislodge himself from blocks and make run stops. Solid bull rush to get to QB.
  • Isaiah Buggs DT

  • Daylon Mack DT

  • Demarcus Christmas DT

  • Armon Watts DT
  • Jeremy Cox RB
  • James Williams RB
  • Jalin Moore RB
  • David Montgomery RB
  • JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR

  • Darius Slayton WR

  • Jeff Thomas WR

  • Marcus Green WR – solid route running and nice change of direction.

  • Zach Allen DE

  • Johnathan Abram SS

  • Elgton Jenkins C

  • Bunchy Stallings G

  • Taylor Rapp SS

  • Lukas Denis CB

  • Jordan Miller CB
  • Kendall Sheffield CB
  • TJ Edwards ILB

  • Max Scharping G/T

  • Derwin Gray T

  • Ugo Amadi FS

  • Mike Edwards FS
  • Ross Pierschbacher C

  • JoJo McIntosh SS

  • Joe Jackson OLB

  • Jace Sternberger TE

  • Drew Sample TE

  • Alec Ingold FB
  • CJ Conrad TE

  • Kahale Warring TE

  • Ben Powers G

  • Martez Ivey G

  • Jacob Dolegala $3 mil

  • (Darryl Williams G)

  • Jalen Jelks ILB

  • Tyrel Dodson ILB
  • Drew Lock QB $3 mil. – Major accuracy issues on simple throws, does have arm strength to fit ball into tight windows. Pocket awareness ok, but holding ball in one hand could be an issue with fumbles.

  • (CeeDee Lamb WR – not blazing fast, solid route runner and good jump ball ability.)

  • Chris Lindstrom G – good enough mobility and vision to pass protect and identify movement in blocking requirements. Can be pushed backwards sometimes due to lack of leverage.

  • Montez Sweat OLB

  • Alec Eburle C

  • Michael Jordan C

  • Tyree Jackson QB

  • Easton Stick QB

  • Jahlani Tavai ILB

  • DeAndre Walker ILB

  • Christian Rector DE

  • Andy Isabella WR

  • EJ EJiya ILB

  • Drew Lewis ILB
  • Cole Tracy K – strong leg and clutch.

$2 mil

  • Tre Lamar ILB

  • Cameron Smith ILB

  • Ben Birr-Kurven ILB

  • Christian Miller ILB

  • Antoine Wesley WR

  • (Anthony Ratliff Williams WR)

  • Emanuel Hall WR

  • Demarkus Lodge WR

  • Beau Bezschawel G

  • Trevon Tate G

  • Deion “Shaq” Calhoun G
  • Tyler Roemer T
  • Jessie Burkett C

  • Darius West FS

  • Andrew Wingard FS

  • Brett Rypien QB

  • Rock Ya-Sin CB

  • Germaine Pratt ILB

  • Lonnie Johnson CB

  • Brian Peavy CB
  • Jamal Peters CB
  • John Chominsky DE

  • Corbin Kaufusi DE

  • LJ Collier DE

  • Marquise Copeland DE

  • Kyle Phillips OLB – would be a huge linebacker but has good agility so can cover a little bit and catch running backs in space.
  • Kevin Givens DT

  • Albert Huggins DT

  • Khalen Saunders DT

  • Ricky Walker DT

  • Chris Slayton DT

  • Olive Sagopolu DT

  • Ben Banogu OLB

  • (Innis Gaines CB)

  • Saivion SMith CB

  • Gary Jennings Jr WR

  • DJ Bailey DE

  • Delvon Randall FS

  • Renell Wren DT

  • Chris Johnson FS

  • Tony Pollard RB

  • Dexter Williams RB
  • Jalen Hutton WR

  • Trevon Wesco TE

  • Jimmy Moreland CB

  • Alexander Mattison RB

  • Darwin Thompson RB – good balance and can actually lay the boom for a short player.

  • (Cole Macdonald QB)

  • Juwann Winfree WR – good catcher but not overly athletic or skilled with routes.

  • Miles Boykin WR – poor release from LOS and not great top speed, can be a physical jump ball target.

  • Scott Miller WR

  • Isaac Nauta T
  • Zach Gentry T
  • Dru Samia
  • Javon Patterson
  • Jake Bailey K/
  • Austin Seibert K

$1 mil

  • Clayton Thorson QB

  • Cole MacDonald QB

  • Jerry Tillery $1 mil – terrible pad level will mean he’ll get driven off ball consistently.

  • Jonathon Ledbetter DE

  • Daniel Wise DT

  • Ed Alexander DT

  • Shareef Miller DE

  • TreVon Coney ILB

  • Jawann Taylor T – blocks upright. so can be tossed aside fairly easily. Hand usage poor so swim moves will beat him, and he can’t keep a spin move in front of him. Only promise is that he has good burst on run blocks, but he doesn’t get his pads low enough for blockers to be stuck in his block.

  • Andre James T

  • (Trevor Lawrence QB – has a hitch in his throwing motion that will hinder accuracy. Can still hit targets with arm strength and can throw on run.)

  • Justin Layne CB

  • Oshane Zimines OLB

  • Justin Hollins ILB

  • Porter Gustin OLB

  • Cortez Broughton DT

  • Matt Nelson DT
  • Marvell Tell FS

  • Ulysees Gilbert SS
  • Khari Willis SS
  • Malik Gant FS
  • Joel Blumenthal WR

  • Preston Williams WR – good suddenness out of routes.
  • Tyre Brady WR – good release.
  • Karan Higdon RB
  • Qadree Ollison RB
  • Cullen Gillaspia FB
  • Wes Martin G
  • Terry Godwin WR
  • Gardner Minshew – just doesn’t move his feet or scan the field or pick up blitzes well, has ok arm but.
  • Saquon Hampton FS
  • Quincy Williams ILB
  • Ryan Connelly ILB
  • Ty Summers ILB – can cover OK, has solid size but doesn’t finish plays ie doesn’t wrap up tackles, turn head around for potential picks.
  • Quinton Bell FS – fast af but doesn’t show enough fundamentals.


  • Chase Hansen ILB

  • BJ Autry G

  • Kingsley Keke DT

  • PJ Johnson DT

  • Jalen Hurd WR

  • Nick Easley WR

  • Dontavious Russell DT

  • Daylon Mack DT
  • Khairi Clark DT

  • Blace Brown CB

  • Will Harris FS
  • Dioante Johnson WR

  • Penny Hart WR
  • Dillon Mitchell WR

  • Jonvea Johnson WR
  • Montre Hartage CB

  • Jalen Young FS

  • Mike Weber RB

  • Trayvon Williams RB

  • Foster Moreau TE

  • Greg Dortsch WR

  • Jeff Smith WR

  • Stanley Morgan WR
  • Cody Thompson WR
  • Tommy Sweeney TE

  • Malik Reed OLB

  • Tim Ward DE
  • Dre Greenlaw ILB

  • Tre Watson ILB

  • Cody Barton ILB
  • Emeke Egbule ILB
  • Sterling Sheffield OLB

  • Luke Gifford OLB
  • Olive Sagopolu DT

  • Mitch Wishnowsky P

  • Trayveon Williams RB – poor vision, has some agility in open field but poor between the tackles.
  • Ty Johnson RB
  • Chandler Cox FB
  • George Asafo-adjei T – not big enough or refined enough.
  • John Ursua WR
  • Olabisi Johnson WR
  • Marcus Epps SS
  • Nick Scott FS
  • Donovon Wilson FS – I have no idea why the Cowboys drafted him. Whiffs on tackles, not athletic enough to catch guys in space, not explosive in coverage.
  • Tim Harris CB
  • Duke Shelley CB
  • Donnie Lewis CB
  • Ken Webster CB
  • Gerri Green DE
  • Matt Gay K – I don’t like his form, doesn’t follow through, just jabs at it.
  • Austin Cutting LS
  • Jonathan Harris DT
  • EJ Speed
  • Corey Ballentine
  • Drew Forbes
  • Chris Westry
  • Derick Roberson

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